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Partyguide Starting from an already frequently visited service we supported the leverage of Partyguide to an even more accomodating level.

How to capture a countrys' nightlife?

Nova D.O.C. GmbH

Information Architecture
Interface Design
Corporate Design

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1999 – 2000


mok to took a steering in redesigning all interfaces of the 'Partyguide'.
While incorporating additional business goals we focused on users' needs.


Background Partyguide is a database of events and locations. It can be accessed online and was launched in 1997 with mainly local party information. It soon grew to cover more cities and events.

While the first version was maintained completely manually the now increased amount of information demanded an automated and easier way to maintain the data.

Partyguide was then operated by Nova D.O.C. in Düsseldorf who also introduced a new financial framework for improved profitability.

Approach We started by gathering the requirements from the involved parties and introduced a plan to display the progress.

Due to our in-house work during the first phase the alignement was quick and efficient. Additional input was derived from the observation of usage patterns from the previous version of Partyguide.

Solution We produced the information architecture for the end-user party of Partyguide and for the administrative part to 'maintain' the content (custom CMS). The end-user service also included a community that was neatly woven into the existing web of party information.

During the visual interface phase mok to developed all necessary templates and coordinated the functional layer with the production team.

Success The number of visitors increased by 400% during the first six months after the relaunch. This was partly due to promotional actions. But a large number of returning visitors indicated the usefulness of the new service.

The community became home to a frequent and intense conversation about locations and parties. It often served as a jumpstart into the night and as a 'dating enabler'.

As Partyguide didn't only inform people about events but also involved them according to there nightlife habbits, there soon grew a group of partyscouts - people who enjoy talking about their favorite locations and ready to answer questions.

Partyguide became member-driven!

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