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Fräuleinwunder involved mok to early in the process of building its online shopping experience. This was crucial for considering all touchpoints and to build an holistic vision for the service. Thus all actions are in sync to support the desired brand perception.

How to build pleasurable eCommerce?

Fräuleinwunder GbR
eCommerce, Vienna

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2005 – ongoing

mok to was assigned to create an online shopping experience that is transformative, meaningful and credible. We take the whole customer journey to deliver on that goal.


Production Fräuleinwunder is under development. It will be launched in spring 2007.

Research Insight Fräuleinwunder aims to redefine the cosmetics online shopping experience by focusing closely on (especially) female cosmetic needs.

An inquiry into offline shopping habits fuel a more valuable online commerce experience and make sure that digital interactions fit seamlessly into the experience.

The target group is 25 - 35 and prefers a mixture of delicate cosmetics and simple, retail products. A 'persona' was derived from the user data and helped us stay user-centric through all decisions.

Fräuleinwunder meets its customers at crucial events in their lives and focuses on their desires and needs.

Strategy We distinguish three levels in the digital experience:

1. On the behavioural level the experience becomes usable, supports explorative actions and anticipates needs where emerge.

2. On the visceral level the experience is unambigious, pleasing and resonates with the desired brand perception.

3. On the reflective level the experience supports women to trust in themselves and encourages the exchange on relevant topics.

This differentiation eases the communication with the client and to focus on challenges one by one.

Escorting Comment Especially for unfamiliar products there is a huge demand for information. The 'Escorting Comment' connects recommendations from trusted friends with the product and keeps 'your friend at your side'.

Lovely Acts Cosmetics belong to a retail ecology called 'Consumption' compared to i.e. 'Maintenance' (Argus, 2001). That means a higher object meaning and higher attachment. Fräuleinwunder makes 'Lovely Acts' to surprise you - which are unexpected advertencies. Customers value positive surprises.


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