For any inquiries please call +49 221 2718747 or mail to mok to was involved in the development of GetTheReport from the initial idea through to the public release. This way design was strategically involved in every decision. As a result GTR delivers a strong user experience.

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2002 – ongoing


mok to participated as co-founder in the adventurous building of


Background GetTheReport is a startup. It is self-funded. Key driver is the desire to do a full project lifecycle including all necessary roles and responsibilities. During the implementation phase it kept busy a team of seven people.

Approach At the heart of GTR is the quest to deliver all corporate reports. As annual reports are the major tool for communicating about a companies performance and strategies, it attracts much interest. Core interests are driven by researching and comparing the companies data.

GTR builds on that demand.


Execution Market research revealed that no existing source meets that demand. Wether such sources are expensive or incomplete.

GTR is a free service.

That is possible due to fact that companies must publish their reports as PDFs. But this also means a lot of time finding them.

Due to a limited budget the first version of GTR runs with PHP and MySQL. The upcoming release of GTR, nevertheless, builds on Java technology.

Early drafts of GTR were user-tested. These tests revealed some usability bugs early on in the process. The according changes improved the usability noticeable.

In addition to the public site, GTR has a complete backend to maintain the data and feed in new reports.


Special GTR is 'reading' usage patterns. These patterns are then translated into additional (quicker) entries to its vast database.

The number of visitors is increasing continously.

The audience consists of business users and academic users (which could turn to business users late).

Revenue is made through cooperations i.e. hardcopies of reports delivered via a partner company.

What we like: GTR served as a great reference to team members. Some got remarkable job opportunities after working with GTR.

Supported by Frank Westermann, Paul Beharry, Stefan Wiese, Thielo Krawietz, Dhiraj Pradhan, Sylvain Drozniak, Kim Altintop and mehrwert - büro für gestaltung.

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