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condomi online shop Selling 'safer sex' online demanded for a novel approach to electronic shopping. condomi's first online shop took this challenge: Selecting the right mix of products, contriving a charming wording and creating a soft visual language.

How to sell amorous products online?

condomi AG
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Project Management
Information Architecture

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2000 — 2001
TIOC AG, Cologne
Permanent position

Project management requires thinking of the shopping experience from A to Z.


A — Align clients wishes and customers needs.

B — Bring ideas together and find an essence.

C — Create a Concept.

D — Define the products range.

E — Elaborate the concept.

F — Focus the main targets: Amorous experience and soft erotic. Define site Functionalities.

G — Group the products into meaningful categories that customers understand.


H — Define structure and Hierarchies.

I — Involve programmers to an early point of time.

J — Joint all members of the project group and update them continous.

K — Keep timeframe and ressources in mind.

L — Labeling. Find the right wording for navigation.

M — Managing project and project group.

N — Define Needs for the integration of the shop into an existing shopping system (Intershop):

O — Get always the Overview of the project. Keep the targets in mind and improve often.


P — Try to make the impossible Possible.

Q — Ask Questions if you don't understand.

R — Be brave to Rearrange everything if the structure doesn't work.

S — Ask for the Supply of products.

T — Invest Time to write down charming Product descriptions.

U — Create a usable shop for the User.

V — Verify needs and interests often.

X — Integrate Xtras like "New" or "Sale" for customers who don't know where to go.

Y — Be aware of others ideas - Yours is not always the best!

Z — Zoom in and out and take different perspectives.


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