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Experience Design is an overarching discipline to deliver meaningful, vivid and orchestrated messages.

Information Design

Identity Development

We organize information to understand and deliver your message clearly.

Brands need to shine through all customer touchpoints – or they will lack trustworthiness.

Only a brand that tells a coherent story is likely to be perceived as desired.

Interface Design

Information Architecture

The most important experiences are meaningful ones.

Meaningful experiences provide the foundation to connect with people.

We identify desires, needs and requirements to merge them with strategy, content and function.

A visual vocabulary is build upon the information hierarchy. It expresses the brand and the functionalities.

Design Research

Applied Science

Research needs to be broad and deep to be designed for discovery.

We help innovation through the understanding of people and context.

A simple process from exploration of opportunities, to development of concepts with vivid details.

Crucial in obtaining the consumers' view: Asking, observing, performing.


Bulletpoint Information Graphics

Bulletpoint Logo & Identity Systems

Bulletpoint Style Guides

Bulletpoint Collaterals

Sample Projects

Virtual Visibility
Deutsche Börse AG

Giving face to
an invisible business

Via Sacra plan03
Signage system from the city face


User Scenarios & Task Analysis

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Tests & Reviews

Sample Projects

Visual Media GmbH

Comparative Analysis of competitors services Nova D.O.C. GmbH
Comparative Analysis StartUp
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Experience Enquiries

Observations & Interviews

Qualitative Research

Literature Research

Sample Projects

Corporate Haptics Porsche AG

Emotional and sensorial continuity in automobiles

Vodafone Global User Enquiry
Watch, listen to and involve people

Fräuleinwunder eCommerce
Learning from offline shopping habits